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Peaceful Villa

Home Forward plans to redevelop Peaceful Villa in 2024. This decision affects the 70 households who currently call Peaceful Villa home, and those who will move into the newly constructed homes. The redevelopment process includes several phases. Residents currently living at the property will have opportunities to make choices about the relocation process before the construction begins in 2024. Current residents will continue to receive housing subsidy to help with rental costs during the relocation/construction phase. Current residents will also be able to return to the new, redeveloped Peaceful Villa upon completion in 2026.

Architect: Bora Architecture and Interiors

Contractor: LMC Construction

Resources: These five (5) Fact Sheets answer common questions about the new Peaceful Villa development. 

Current Resident Focus – Outreach to current residents began in December, 2021, and will continue throughout the planning process, relocation, construction, and return process.

July 2023 Development Progress Update

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