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Radon Information

Home Forward will test and abate radon in all of its properties by 2023.

Home Forward has undertaken a voluntary, multi-year process of radon testing and abatement in all of its 100+ affordable housing properties by the end of 2023.  We continuously make improvements to the housing we provide, and have been working with licensed professionals to meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended radon levels. We notify residents of both the testing and remediation schedule. 

We urge the U.S. Congress to dedicate resources to fund this work in low-income housing communities, and for HUD to work with the EPA to provide a regulatory framework to guide housing authorities in this effort. Recognizing that radon is a public health concern that affects communities across the country in all types of living and work environments, we ask for support from state and federal health agencies to provide resources and regulation to protect us all from this hazard.

Dahlke Manor

In the absence of federal regulation, Home Forward has created its own Comprehensive Radon Testing and Remediation Policy, as well as a Procedures Manual.

Home Forward is committed to continuing and completing its effort to test for radon at every one of its 100+ properties and to follow licensed professionals’ guidance to make residents’ homes safe. 

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